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Children's services

We care for children and young people with a range of long term medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, cardiac anomalies, endocrine conditions, epilepsy and developmental disorders. Young people with specific medical conditions or complex health needs can be cared for by the children’s ward team until they reach 18 years of age; after which the patient can access our adult services.

Children and young people are sometimes admitted to the children’s ward as a place of safety whilst awaiting assessment from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). A member of the CAMHS team attends the ward on weekdays to assess any young people admitted with concerns around their mental health, and decide an appropriate action plan for each young person. We have a 24 hour on call CAMHS consultant should we require any advice or assistance in caring for your child outside of these times. If your child is over the age of 16 years and requires admission to hospital, then they will be admitted to an adult ward and be seen by the CAMHS 16-19 service as appropriate.

We provide surgical care for children over the age of 2 years for ENT (ear, nose and throat) and dental surgery, and over 8 years old for general and orthopaedic surgery. Often children are booked for operations on a planned basis and will be admitted for day case surgery and discharged home the same day – other times your child will be admitted to the ward overnight for a period of observation. Children and young people may also be booked to attend the ward for food challenges and skin prick testing, completed by a member of our Allergy Team. This again is usually on a day case basis.

Contact Details
Children’s Ward 01625 661080 / 661084 If your child is currently an inpatient, or has recently been discharged from the ward with open access
Children’s Community Nursing Team 01625 661194 If your child is currently being cared for by the community nurses
Booking Centre 01625 663333 Enquire or rearrange your child’s appointment
Outpatients 01625 661342 If you need to speak to someone urgently about a pre-booked same day outpatient appointment for your child

Admission to the Children’s Ward

If you present to A&E with your child, they will be seen and assessed by an A&E doctor; if they feel an admission to the children’s ward is necessary, they you will be referred to a paediatrician on the ward. When referred to the children’s ward by A&E, your GP or your midwife, you will be seen on the Paediatric Observation and Assessment Unit (POBS) first where you will be seen by a children’s nurse, health care assistant and paediatrician – we will assess and observe your child before deciding what the next steps are. Many children are discharged home from POBS with advice, treatment and follow up if required.

We have a children’s community nursing team (CCNT) who work closely with the ward. Our team of experienced paediatric community nurses provide specialist nursing care for your child in their home environment, with the goal to minimise the number of children and young people requiring inpatient care and help to increase access to services in the community. If you are discharged from the children’s ward or POBS with a community nurse follow up, you will be provided with the appropriate contact details and advised when the team will be in contact. The care may be provided over the telephone or arranged visits at home. The community nurse can arrange for your child to be reviewed by a doctor at the hospital should it be necessary. Your child may also be referred to your GP or GP out of hours if this is more appropriate.

Whilst your child is an inpatient on the ward, they will be cared for by a team of doctors and nurses who specialise in caring for children. Our team is also made up of health care assistants, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, a ward clerk, pharmacists, domestics and porters who work together as one large multi-disciplinary team to provide your child with the best care possible. We also have two play specialists based on the ward, who are able to provide your child with fun activities in our playroom or at the bedside during your hospital stay. Our play specialists are also able to be involved in distraction therapy whilst your child is undergoing any procedures on the ward.

Children's services

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