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Orthopaedics deals with the restoration and development of the skeletal system, joints and muscles.

The Orthopaedic Unit at the East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed to provide high standards of quality care.

The unit has one ward  (Ward 10)

Ward 10 is on the upper level. This area specialises in caring for patients with orthopaedic trauma, i.e. accidental injuries.  

Patients are also admitted for a range of elective procedures, including joint replacements and day case surgery.

Elective joint replacement patients follow an enhanced recovery plan which has been developed by the Multi-Disciplinary Team. Although the ward looks after both male and female patients, we only put patients of the same sex in each of the larger rooms.

Our nurses work in teams, with each team having both trained nurses and healthcare assistants working together to give our patients continuous care.

Our nursing team is supported by a variety of specialists whose ultimate aim is to provide your care in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment.

Telephone: 01625 661010

Directions: You are able to access the Orthopaedic Unit from the main hospital, by travelling along the main corridor on the upper floor until you reach ward 10 on your right.

Or you can park in the orthopaedic car park and enter through the orthopaedic outpatient entrance following directions for the main hospital, Ward 10 will be on your left. 

Please see leaflets for more information