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The Radiology Departments is where x-rays are taken to help diagnose problems with bones and areas of the body such as the chest and abdomen.

Scans such as CT and MRI are used to give more detailed pictures of parts of the body such as the brain, spine, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Ultrasound scans are used to give detailed pictures of the abdomen, as well as joints such as the shoulder. They are also used to check the growth of babies in pregnant women.

The Radiology Department at Macclesfield District General Hospital is located on the ground floor of the main building.

How to contact us




01625 663247

Cheshire and Stockport Breast Screening Service

01625 661157


Booking Centre Details:

Please contact the Booking Centre on 01625 663333 between 08.30am-4.15pm, Monday to Friday or email:

For X-Ray Bookings/Cancellations: Please call: 01625 663247.

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Out of hours Macclesfield District General Hospital operates an answer machine service. Any messages will be picked up at 8.30 am by the office staff Monday to Friday.

As our radiographers work alone at the peripheral sites, during working hours if your call is not answered a message may be left and the radiographer will ring back as soon as they can.

Our services consist of the following specialities:

  • General radiology – There are two x-ray rooms which are accessed by patients from A&E, outpatients, inpatients and GP referrals. Including and Orthopantomograph (OPG) machine within the department for dental views as required.
  • Fluoroscopy - One x-ray room undertaking specialist procedures such as barium meals and barium enemas.
  • Ultrasound - Three rooms undertaking non-obstetric procedures.
  • CT - Two CT Scanners undertaking scans for inpatients, outpatient and GP referrals.
  • MRI scanning - a suite located between the X-ray Department and the Medical Admissions Unit undertaking scans for inpatient, outpatient and GP referrals.
  • Orthopaedic x-ray - Located within the Orthopaedic Unit undertaking x-rays for inpatient and outpatient referrals.
  • Obstetric ultrasound - located in the antenatal clinic, two rooms catering for the Early Pregnancy Unit and the Obstetric patients.
  • Victoria Breast Unit - has two x-ray machines and undertakes both screening and symptomatic patients. There is also a mobile unit that covers the Stockport area for screening.

Peripheral sites

There are three peripheral Trust sites located at Knutsford District Community Hospital, Congleton War Memorial Hospital, and Handforth health clinic.

There are Ultrasound and X-ray facilities on-site at Knutsford District Community Hospital and Congleton War Memorial Hospital for inpatient, outpatient and GP referrals. Handforth health clinic only has on-site a Non-Obstetric Ultrasound service for GP referrals.

Our team

The department consists of the following:

  • Nine consultant radiologists
  • Two staff grade radiologist
  • Two registrar radiologists
  • 28 radiographers
  • Seven sonographers
  • 5 assistant practitioners
  • 10 Radiographic support staff
  • Administrative staff

Services available (For GP patient access times please see specific GP access section below service times)

Area Hours
General X-ray Full 24 hour, 7 days per week service
MR Mon - Fri - 8.00am - 8.00pm 
Saturday 8.30am -5.00pm
CT  Mon - Fri 8.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday to Sunday - 9:00am - 5.00pm
Ultrasound Mon - Fri 8.30am – 5.00pm

GP access

There is an appointment based service for all Modalities provided at Macclesfield District General Hospital. All referrals e.g. CT, MRI or Ultrasound requested by GP will be sent an appointment or contacted directly by the team.

Plain film services are currently provided by appointment only at Macclesfield District General Hospital in the main Radiology department, Knutsford District Community Hospital and Congleton War Memorial Hospital.