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East Cheshire NHS Trust's Therapy Service is the only NHS provider of specialist therapy services in the East Cheshire area.

The following specialist services all operate from Macclesfield District General Hospital, along with Knutsford and District Community and Congleton War Memorial hospitals where stated.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapists assess and treat problems with muscle, bone and joints that may cause pain, stiffness and/or disability. The Musculoskeletal team provides specialist assessment followed by expert advice and treatment for a wide range of joint and muscular related problems including rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery.


The Rheumatology therapies team offer occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to patients living with Rheumatological conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and associated difficulties.


We provide specialist neurological physiotherapy and advice to patients (and their family/carers) living in East Cheshire who have a neurological condition and require intervention to maximise their independence and function.

Amputee Rehabilitation

We provide amputee rehabilitation programmes

Hand Therapy

The Hand Therapy service is based at Macclesfield District General Hospital within the Orthopaedic out patient department. We treat patients of all ages who are under the care of one of the Orthopaedic Consultants at Macclesfield Hospital


The Respiratory Physiotherapy outpatient service is based at Macclesfield District General Hospital within the outpatient therapy department. We treat adult patients of who require respiratory Physiotherapy for a lung condition. This may include helping to prepare someone from surgery and helping their recovery post-surgery.

Children's Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services

Children's Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services provide targeted specialist intervention for babies, children and young people from birth to 16 years of age (and sometimes up to 19 years). The service aims to assist children to achieve their maximum physical and functional potential.